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his arabic face

Thomas B. Yahi

april 26th 2019




The graffiti was as well the raw material than the product of our friendship. Without this, how could we have become those inseparable? How could we have crossed boundaries ? He had grown up in the north, me in the south. He lived in a poor neighborhood, me in a rather opulent city. He had no degrees, i did. His father had allways been absent, mine was pressuring me to study. I am white, he was wearing « his arabic face ».

This first novel of Thomas B. Yahi is a fictional and political portrait of two youths from Lille in the years 2000. Mirror games between the trajectories of Khalil and Bastien, this story of friendship witnesses the borders that each protagonist tries in his own way to cross until their lethal separation a night of october 2005.


Adopted lillois, Thomas B. Yahi hangs out in archive's rooms and the tails of demonstrations. After having written for a decade in the alternative press, he signs here his first novel. This story originates in events that have taken place in the early 2000 and which imbued the author's journey.

In the medias

« Sa gueule d’Arabe », Babelio, december 1st 2018.