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the passport

Julia Galaski

january 28th 2022

life story



« It has been more than a year that i have an israelian passport. One year ago, i was sure i was going to give it back. But we do not give back a passport because we are outraged by a political line, even if it becomes more outrageous, that it goes against our values, our convictions, that it generates hatred, that it stirs up tensions in the heart of your own family. This passport, i did not choose it. Nor the french or the german passport, that it would not come to my mind to give back. I do not know what to do with this piece of paper, with even this idea of nation, that assigns us to a land, to an identity, to a national story. But wether i like it or not, this passport shapes my relationship to borders, to history, to others, and how they look at me. »

Born in Brussels, from a french-israeli father, and a german mother, the narrator goes to the middle-east then maghreb to follow the tracks of her paternal history. The unexpected acquisition of an israelian passport disrupts her aspirations. How to handle the nationality of a country at war that ignites the hostility of her friends? How this passport affects her relationship to the world an to others? From Jerusalem to Ramallah, from Cairo to Algiers, from Rabat to Paris, the passport questions our relationship to History, to borders, to languages and memories, to national identities and family links. This story of a learning experience questions our way of inhabiting the world, of thinking it and acting in it.


Graduated in political science, Julia Galaski works in the socio-cultural sector of Brussels and campaigns in different collectives for the defense of human rights and social justice.

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