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Fabien Drouet

june 26th 2020




Between those pages, a man tells his story and opens his heart. His writing is as well the barometer of the pressure exercised by his psyche than the social violence crossed in the streets and pubs where he is frequently found. From those unpredictable existencial oscillations and encounters, the author brings to us a singular writing, a fragile prose and finely chopped, free verses with an only apparent softness.

Fabien Drouet gifts us with suspended moments : « I slowly cancel myself », « the triumph is for cowards », « I am not only because i am not dead ». Remains the sublimation of the words to catalog the dreams, to distill the beauty of moments, to transcend the absences, to look for poetry not in a rime but in places, in moments.


Fabien Drouet lives from small jobs in the region of Lyon. He regularly publishes texts in poetry reviews such as Métèque, Chats de mars, Realpoetik as well as he makes music (Antidaté). In 2016, he self-publishes a first collection about his path, entitled Vive l’hôpital public. In 2017 et 2018, he successively founds two poetical reviews that he still runs today : La Terrasse et 21 Minutes.

In the medias

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