Les Étaques
independent publishing collective

Why the name of a vanished street has become the one of a publishing collective? In Lille, no one remembers the street of the Étaques, this working-class and anti-establishment bastion nowadays buried under the belfry of the town hall. The publishing collective of the Étaques fits in this legacy. It carries the voice and the memory of those who have been dispossessed of it. Essay, Novel, collection, the books published feed the social criticism and explore subversive imaginations.

In the medias :

  • « Éditer les quartiers populaires », 'La Brique, winter 2018
  • « Les Étaques ont la niaque », L’Empaillé, winter 2019
  • « Aux Étaques, indépendance et subversion », L’Empaillé, december 2021