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fundus of the eye

Caroline Cranskens

april 30th 2021




«What rings to the ear

It is the frightful inscription

Of your body

Into the machine-jaw

Of an inexistent world»

Fundus of the eye
describes a dying world through fantastic visions where all colors explode and vanish into the dark. In the vein of the triptychs of Jérôme Bosch, the street art, or the spoken word, this writing "open to the eye" shakes your guts and scratches walls. Beyond the esthetical and political gesture, this is the primal scream of a woman which thunders.

Caroline Cranskens writes to come out of the shadow and take shape «to be done with the white mirror». She faces the language, its laws and its jailers. First by unscrewing the « dead words ». Then by regaining sounds and letters. Finally by letting live a visceral tongue, a razor tongue, a barbaric tongue. The author digs through the flawed base of the language of power and order, masculine and secured. Through the cracks she injects the « fury words » of a raging and free poetry where « everything is closer to the edge ».


Caroline Cranskens is the author of collections Devant la machine (2013) and Gypsy Blues (2014) published by Les Venterniers and the collection Le Trou derrière la tête (2017) published by À Verse. She has also signed Passage à l’acte in the book-movie Arabat published in 2019 by the éditions isabelle sauvage.

In the medias

« Fond d’œil – Caroline Cranskens », Babelio, april 30th 2021.

« Fond d’œil – Caroline Cranskens », Lundimatin #286, may 4th 2021.